Sunsets and sea stars, sailboats and sand,

Wheat fields and corn rows, thick forest lands,

Raindrops and snowflakes, thundering clouds,

Silence and thanks being given out loud.

Caterpillars, steam trains, comets in flight,

Sea lions, antelope, bats in the night,

Strength grown in weeping, steel forged in loss,

Passions retreating…

Squirrels scaling rooftops, rabbits a-run,

Bicycles, tricycles, days in the sun,

Coffee and camp fires, secrets untold,

Wine glasses empty and babies we hold,

Cast iron frying pans hissing out grease,

Rain barrels, drinking, dancing in streets,

Courage in hospitals, terror at night,

Loneliness chanting…

Chili and BBQ, shop class and dogs,

Music meandering, critters in bogs,

Whales singing lullabies, restless wolves too,

Seasons past Winter time, bright morning dew,

Swimming and frolicking, young life in love,

Tumbling inner tubes, lightning above,

Anguish in wretched souls, homes now afire,

Hopeless and crawling…

Riches are hounding me, morning and night,

Blessings surrounding me, life in plain sight,

Many to comfort me, many to hold,

Some there to strengthen, some there to scold,

Most of them wonderful, some sheer delight,

Some of them ruinous, sleepless and fright,

Treasures surrounding me, yearning to give.

Riches all teaching me: This is life. Live!

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