Duck tracks in snow, improbable things,

Regal dyed shroud,

Stars beckoning,

Gentle soled footsteps, Nightingale smiles,

Secrets unfolding…

Snow soft on cedars, veins growing cold,

Winter nights calling,

Memories old,

Chisel and granite, ice-fever dreams,

Lifetimes undoing…

Cardboard in concrete now, unfinished plans,

Ice chips, apple juice,

Straw, quaking hands,

Infant in blankets warm, hourglass sand,

Friends soon a-weeping…

Courage at River Styx, breathe deep this dawn,

Sunlight on wing tips,

Still. She is gone,

Child in flight beyond, soul quick, made new,

Friends soon a-dancing…

Spirits departed, greetings o’er there,

Close ones remembering,

Stories in air,

Chapter and verses sing eulogy’s queen,

Lifetimes unending, left here in dreams…

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