Dreaming trees aching to open in Spring,

Grey whales, white dogs, race in the sky,

Glinting streams sprout and run quick down the lane,

Coyote pouncing, snout in the prairie,

Golden orbs drifting, pulsing in ink,

Squirrels drunk soaring from fences to trees,

Rabbits a-plenty turn Winter to dun,

I will find beauty in these.

Children on wheels now rolling – such light,

Lingering snow lending moisture to rose,

Calves in the new day, floes on the river,

Whispers of Springtime seep into bones,

Robins and coffee hot, naps in the sun,

Little green soldiers scout in the lawn,

Limping but mending, emerging from grief,

I will find beauty in these.

Rays through the warming glass, arms reaching high,

Skittering dust motes, ice all a-running,

Snuffle-wet noses, joys all abound,

Chocolate earth waking, arising,

Old days and memories, sparks in the night,

Shattered bowls fading, fragments set free,

Tasting, devouring, savoring dawn,

I will find beauty in these.

Moonlight and woolies, skates on a pond,

Hillsides, careening, wet mitts and toques,

Walking sticks, candle sticks, mule deer, cats,

Iced tea and sweets in the morning,

Wheelbarrow race tracks, bingo and beer,

Evergreens, willows and smelly-breath beasts,

Laughing and holding close spirits to love,

I will find beauty in these.

Autumn winds lingering, frost at the door,

Canopies greying, syllables lost,

Humming and whistling, singing off key,

Cold stone, chisels awaiting,

Cactus or daylily, regal, bereft,

Yielding and warriors depart,

But I will find beauty in these and more,

I will find beauty in these.

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